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Music Festival Dreams: The Top 5 Trends We Predict to See This Festival Season

Music festival style, Summer, Fashion Humber

With summer fast approaching, not only does this mean hotter days and later nights, but it also means that the music lovers of the world may all rejoice in unison for one reason and one reason alone: festival season. As the lineups continue to be released and the tickets continue to be sold, these weekends full of concerts, carnival food, and tents will be here before we know it. As any festival-guru knows however, it is not just about who you see at these events, but it is also about who you wear. Fashion tends to take a close second


Brand Profile – Sonya Lee

Sonya Lee, Queen West Toronto, handmade handbags, Leather handbags, Sonya Lee

Anyone who lives in Toronto and has an interest in fashion is no stranger to Queen Street West. When inspiration runs dry or you are looking for pieces that you can’t find at the usual fast fashion retailers, window shopping along Queen West will often breathe new life into your repertoire. It was on one of these shopping trips where a friend and I discovered Sonya Lee. On a whim, we popped into accessory store Zane, thinking we might find some inspiration for new sunglass styles for the summer, but instead were both immediately drawn to a display of beautiful

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Watch Out – Vintage designer shopping on the Lakeshore

The borough town of New Toronto isn’t exactly known for vintage designer shopping. However, just steps away from Humber College, Lakeshore Campus, lies PARIS CALLING, a new re-sale, designer women’s vintage store, where vintage craving fashionistas arrive with the urge to snag one of a kind designer vintage pieces. Glamour 1930’s gowns, lace tulle skirts, retro heels, handbags, and vintage couture European suits. It’s almost nostalgic when you first enter, even the choice of music transports you to that special era of the 60’s, or 70’s depending on the playlist. Who knew that this shop existed? And why has it passed radars of places to


Exam Season Essentials

Exam, Season, Essentials, power snacks, study tunes, comfy clothing

Okay we’ll admit it – we can sometimes be guilty of procrastinating on all those final projects and exam notes as the semester winds down! Blame the warmer weather or the wonderful distractions of Netflix, but studying come April tends to be pretty low on our to-do list. To help pull any of our FASHION Humber readers out of their exam season slump, here’s a list of our favourite things to get you through these last few weeks of the school year. Power Snacks As any nutritionist will tell you, in order to keep your brain running at its full

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Campus Street Style – Volume 4

FashionHumber, campus street style, Nicole, Ani, Jasleen, fashion students, Humber College, 2017

What is one item in your wardrobe that you could never get rid of? Nicole Bautista “The one item in my wardrobe that I can never get rid of is my prom dress. I still tell myself that I’ll re-wear it someday.” Ani Wells “A cropped pair of dark denim skinny jeans! They are my go-to piece to throw on and can be dressed up or down so easily!” Jasleen Batth “I can never get rid of my leather jacket – it’s a staple piece in my closet and a symbol of who I am”

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Woof Woof Woof – Canine Fashion Show

Canine fashion show, FashionHumber,collection, College, woof woof, puppies, Pet fashions, dog fashion, pet lovers

It is true what they say – every dog has its day. Our furry four-legged friends are no longer just watch dogs or pets. More and more pet owners are treating their dogs like real babies. Expenditure on fashion and luxury items for puppies is increasing, year after year, and it is estimated this emerging niche will add billions of dollars in revenue, to the fashion industry. Couturiers and stylists are not only a privilege for humans anymore. Puppies are now able to have their own customized dresses or accessories in their wardrobe. They might be invited to New York


How to: Dress Like a Kardashian on a Student Budget

Fashion Humber, Kardashian, Jenner, Student Budget, Style Tips

Fashion Humber Style Tips for a Student Budget It seems that in today’s social media saturated society, it is next to impossible to go even an hour without coming across a picture of either a Kardashian or a Jenner. Whether we like it or not, they surely are here to stay. Not only has this famous family altered the television media, but they have also swayed the way in which fashion-lovers dress. Whether it is with an Instagram selfie or a paparazzi snapshot, both the Kardashian and the Jenner sisters continue to predict, create, and follow the latest and boldest current


FASHION Humber – Spring Fashion Haul

Fashion Humber, Spring Haul 2017, Fashion Closet

Spring’s here, out with the old, in with the new! As the weather begins to turn warmer and we put our winter jackets away (hopefully for good), we are starting to evaluate our closets and think about what new pieces need to be added. Spring is all about new beginnings, and along with the sudden ambition for a big spring clean of our apartments, so comes the desire to do away with the old and in with the new items in our wardrobes. McKenna recorded her Spring 2017 haul for us and features some affordable pieces that are wearable now

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Fashion Humber – Vintage Denim from Classroom to Closet

Fashion Humber, Vintage Denim, fashion student, Classroom

In the Fashion Humber Classroom For wardrobe this season, denim is a huge trend. There’s a lot of diversification and creativity taking place in the fashion industry. We at FASHION Humber got a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge of vintage denim for spring 2017 through our ‘Product Knowledge and Sourcing’ course. The samples brought to class had been an absolute visual treat to nurture our understanding on vintage denim. The project on vintage denim by our instructor Julie Savile, is quite beneficial in establishing a technical spec sheet for our vintage samples of different styles. It seems that everyone

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What We Love Now – The INDUSTRY Team, Fashion Humber Students

Fashion Humber, top picks, Fashion Humber students

Rebecca Balenovich – “Girls Only” by The Peace Collective Last month, the Toronto based brand The Peace Collective released their very first collection centered around women, and women alone. Inspired by “strong, independent women of Canada”, this collection of t-shirts, crewnecks and beanies perfectly resembles exactly this. Its overtly feminine colour scheme juxtaposed with an edgy mouth logo sporting a “Canadian Babe” lip tattoo surely brings the idea of fierce, local girls to the forefront of this campaign. With comfy yet cool pieces made for women across the country, the “Girls Only” collection is without a doubt something every

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