Exam Season Essentials

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Okay we’ll admit it – we can sometimes be guilty of procrastinating on all those final projects and exam notes as the semester winds down! Blame the warmer weather or the wonderful distractions of Netflix, but studying come April tends to be pretty low on our to-do list. To help pull any of our FASHION Humber readers out of their exam season slump, here’s a list of our favourite things to get you through these last few weeks of the school year. Power Snacks As any nutritionist will tell you, in order to keep your brain running at its full

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Prof. Julie Savile talks Lineapelle 2017 – Part 2

Julie Savile, Milan, Fashion Humber, Linapelle 2017, leather trade fairs

This is the second part of the coverage of Professor Julie Savile experience in Milan, be sure to take a look at Part 1 of her trip to the Lineapelle Tradeshow in Milan. “You go, to go to the show and it is an industrial show so you can meet all of your suppliers. Basically we are not selling, we’re buying at the show” Says Professor Julie Savile, from Fashion Humber. She attended the trade show Lineapelle 2017 in Milan and shared with us her insider story of the trip. “This show included everything to do with leather and mostly it

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Campus Street Style – Volume 4

FashionHumber, campus street style, Nicole, Ani, Jasleen, fashion students, Humber College, 2017

What is one item in your wardrobe that you could never get rid of? Nicole Bautista “The one item in my wardrobe that I can never get rid of is my prom dress. I still tell myself that I’ll re-wear it someday.” Ani Wells “A cropped pair of dark denim skinny jeans! They are my go-to piece to throw on and can be dressed up or down so easily!” Jasleen Batth “I can never get rid of my leather jacket – it’s a staple piece in my closet and a symbol of who I am”

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Classroom Live Chat with Industry Expert Jamil El Hajj

Assistant general manager, Jamil el Hajj, Hugo Boss, key tips, interview tips, interview attire, FashionHumber, Humber College, 2017, Fashion, guest speaker

Do you ever wonder why studying Fashion Management and Promotions at Humber is a great experience?  There are tons of reasons behind it, but the most interesting one is that our classroom sessions are full of excitement. Live chats with industry experts are my personal favorite.  Just the other day, we had a thought provoking conversation with Jamil El Hajj (Assistant General Manager at Hugo Boss). In this session Jamil gave us few important tips regarding careers in the fashion retail industry. Jamil studied Law in Lebanon, then in 2013, he moved to Canada and enrolled in Fashion Marketing and

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Day in the Life: A Humber Fashion Student

Get a sneak peek into my life as a student of Humber College on a typical Monday. 10:00 AM My day starts with checking my phone, and after a hundred yawns later I get out of my bed. Now it’s time to head into the shower. Class starts around at 1:00 so this gives me time to prep for class, and also the late class timing works great for me because it gives me a lot of time in the morning to do my routine. When you are not really a morning person this works great! With a quick breakfast

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Alumni Spotlight: Olivia Crane

alumni, spotlight, fashion, management, Olivia Crane

After sitting down with Moira and Alfie, the next alumni being interviewed is Olivia Crane. Since graduating in 2016, she’s currently working as an Editorial Intern at the well-known fashion blog Coveteur.com. Some of her daily tasks at this position include transcribing interviews, reaching out to brands for product samples, minor editing for web content, and managing the staff calendar. FASHION HUMBER: Why did you choose to study Fashion Management and Promotions at Humber? Olivia Crane: To be honest, I just needed something to do after University, I have always been interested in fashion and just applied on a whim.


Campus Street Style – Volume 3

FashionHumber, Streetwear, Andrea, Gabrielle, McKenna, fashion, student, 2017, Campus street style

Andrea – “Black is the new black” “My cotton turtleneck is my favourite, it’s so form fitting, soft and breathable- each item was purchased at a time of a new professional or personal adventure” Gabrielle – “Burberry Dreams” “My favourite part is definitely my jacket. My grandma used to wear the exact same one and i always admired it, i am glad i was able to save up and buy it for myself.” McKenna – “Canadian Classic” “I love Canadian tuxedo, it is cute and classic! But, what makes the outfit great is the colour coordinating in


Walk It Out 2017

Modern, Warrior, Fashion, Humber, Walk it out, fashion, student, 2017, show

Modern Warrior: Power, Freedom & Identity Contributing Author: Kylie Bradley Each year, graduating students of the Fashion Arts and Business program at Humber College are selected to produce a fashion show exhibiting up and coming local talent and designers. This year’s show, Walk It Out: Modern Warrior, has been in the works since September and will make its debut on Tuesday, April 11th at Palais Royale. Students are divided into teams with different roles and responsibilities. These teams include Creative Design, Stage and Show Production. Backstage, styling, Promotions and Media. Lastly, Decor, Food & Beverages. Since it is Humber College’s 50th anniversary,

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Fashion Humber – Vintage Denim from Classroom to Closet

Fashion Humber, Vintage Denim, fashion student, Classroom

In the Fashion Humber Classroom For wardrobe this season, denim is a huge trend. There’s a lot of diversification and creativity taking place in the fashion industry. We at FASHION Humber got a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge of vintage denim for spring 2017 through our ‘Product Knowledge and Sourcing’ course. The samples brought to class had been an absolute visual treat to nurture our understanding on vintage denim. The project on vintage denim by our instructor Julie Savile, is quite beneficial in establishing a technical spec sheet for our vintage samples of different styles. It seems that everyone

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INFUSE Humber – Magazine Cover Launch

INFUSE Humber, Magazine Cover Launch, Fashion Humber, Fashion blogger Toronto

We wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming INFUSE Magazine Cover Launch Party, which will take place on Monday April 3 at 6:30pm in LINX Bar and Lounge at Humber’s North Campus. INFUSE is a student-run magazine created by the Fashion Arts & Business program students at Humber College, where you can find articles on fashion, business, and lifestyle. The 2017 print edition of INFUSE Magazine is launching in less than two weeks! Until then, catch up on their articles on their website.    You can also follow INFUSE Humber social feeds at:  Instagram: @infusehumber https://www.instagram.com/infusehumber/ Twitter: @infusehumber https://twitter.com/infusehumber Facebook: @infusehumber https://www.facebook.com/InfuseHumber/ Snapchat: @infusehumber https://www.snapchat.com/add/infusehumber

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