Music Festival Dreams: The Top 5 Trends We Predict to See This Festival Season

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With summer fast approaching, not only does this mean hotter days and later nights, but it also means that the music lovers of the world may all rejoice in unison for one reason and one reason alone: festival season. As the lineups continue to be released and the tickets continue to be sold, these weekends full of concerts, carnival food, and tents will be here before we know it. As any festival-guru knows however, it is not just about who you see at these events, but it is also about who you wear. Fashion tends to take a close second


How to: Dress Like a Kardashian on a Student Budget

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Fashion Humber Style Tips for a Student Budget It seems that in today’s social media saturated society, it is next to impossible to go even an hour without coming across a picture of either a Kardashian or a Jenner. Whether we like it or not, they surely are here to stay. Not only has this famous family altered the television media, but they have also swayed the way in which fashion-lovers dress. Whether it is with an Instagram selfie or a paparazzi snapshot, both the Kardashian and the Jenner sisters continue to predict, create, and follow the latest and boldest current

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