Day in the Life: A Humber Fashion Student

Get a sneak peek into my life as a student of Humber College on a typical Monday. 10:00 AM My day starts with checking my phone, and after a hundred yawns later I get out of my bed. Now it’s time to head into the shower. Class starts around at 1:00 so this gives me time to prep for class, and also the late class timing works great for me because it gives me a lot of time in the morning to do my routine. When you are not really a morning person this works great! With a quick breakfast

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Alumni Spotlight: Olivia Crane

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After sitting down with Moira and Alfie, the next alumni being interviewed is Olivia Crane. Since graduating in 2016, she’s currently working as an Editorial Intern at the well-known fashion blog Some of her daily tasks at this position include transcribing interviews, reaching out to brands for product samples, minor editing for web content, and managing the staff calendar. FASHION HUMBER: Why did you choose to study Fashion Management and Promotions at Humber? Olivia Crane: To be honest, I just needed something to do after University, I have always been interested in fashion and just applied on a whim.


Woof Woof Woof – Canine Fashion Show

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It is true what they say – every dog has its day. Our furry four-legged friends are no longer just watch dogs or pets. More and more pet owners are treating their dogs like real babies. Expenditure on fashion and luxury items for puppies is increasing, year after year, and it is estimated this emerging niche will add billions of dollars in revenue, to the fashion industry. Couturiers and stylists are not only a privilege for humans anymore. Puppies are now able to have their own customized dresses or accessories in their wardrobe. They might be invited to New York


Campus Street Style – Volume 3

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Andrea – “Black is the new black” “My cotton turtleneck is my favourite, it’s so form fitting, soft and breathable- each item was purchased at a time of a new professional or personal adventure” Gabrielle – “Burberry Dreams” “My favourite part is definitely my jacket. My grandma used to wear the exact same one and i always admired it, i am glad i was able to save up and buy it for myself.” McKenna – “Canadian Classic” “I love Canadian tuxedo, it is cute and classic! But, what makes the outfit great is the colour coordinating in


Walk It Out 2017

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Modern Warrior: Power, Freedom & Identity Contributing Author: Kylie Bradley Each year, graduating students of the Fashion Arts and Business program at Humber College are selected to produce a fashion show exhibiting up and coming local talent and designers. This year’s show, Walk It Out: Modern Warrior, has been in the works since September and will make its debut on Tuesday, April 11th at Palais Royale. Students are divided into teams with different roles and responsibilities. These teams include Creative Design, Stage and Show Production. Backstage, styling, Promotions and Media. Lastly, Decor, Food & Beverages. Since it is Humber College’s 50th anniversary,

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How to: Dress Like a Kardashian on a Student Budget

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Fashion Humber Style Tips for a Student Budget It seems that in today’s social media saturated society, it is next to impossible to go even an hour without coming across a picture of either a Kardashian or a Jenner. Whether we like it or not, they surely are here to stay. Not only has this famous family altered the television media, but they have also swayed the way in which fashion-lovers dress. Whether it is with an Instagram selfie or a paparazzi snapshot, both the Kardashian and the Jenner sisters continue to predict, create, and follow the latest and boldest current


FASHION Humber – Spring Fashion Haul

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Spring’s here, out with the old, in with the new! As the weather begins to turn warmer and we put our winter jackets away (hopefully for good), we are starting to evaluate our closets and think about what new pieces need to be added. Spring is all about new beginnings, and along with the sudden ambition for a big spring clean of our apartments, so comes the desire to do away with the old and in with the new items in our wardrobes. McKenna recorded her Spring 2017 haul for us and features some affordable pieces that are wearable now

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Fashion Humber – Vintage Denim from Classroom to Closet

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In the Fashion Humber Classroom For wardrobe this season, denim is a huge trend. There’s a lot of diversification and creativity taking place in the fashion industry. We at FASHION Humber got a great opportunity to enhance our knowledge of vintage denim for spring 2017 through our ‘Product Knowledge and Sourcing’ course. The samples brought to class had been an absolute visual treat to nurture our understanding on vintage denim. The project on vintage denim by our instructor Julie Savile, is quite beneficial in establishing a technical spec sheet for our vintage samples of different styles. It seems that everyone

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Fashion is Technologically Sound – Virtual Reality in the Fashion Industry

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Virtual reality .. undeniably an idea that many of us grew up assuming would be part of a very distant, yet cool, future. Little did we know, not only would be witnessing the actualization of the concept, but we would also be present for its incorporation into domains which we never would have imagined possible. Though virtual reality has become fairly present across different medias, it seems that we are heading towards a time where seeing an extensive use of it in the fashion industry could very well become normal. However, before we examine the current use of virtual


INFUSE Humber – Magazine Cover Launch

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We wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming INFUSE Magazine Cover Launch Party, which will take place on Monday April 3 at 6:30pm in LINX Bar and Lounge at Humber’s North Campus. INFUSE is a student-run magazine created by the Fashion Arts & Business program students at Humber College, where you can find articles on fashion, business, and lifestyle. The 2017 print edition of INFUSE Magazine is launching in less than two weeks! Until then, catch up on their articles on their website.    You can also follow INFUSE Humber social feeds at:  Instagram: @infusehumber Twitter: @infusehumber Facebook: @infusehumber Snapchat: @infusehumber

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