Green Beauty

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More now than ever, skin care is a hot topic especially going into spring! Both genders want to recover from the winter and get their skin prepared for the summer months because who doesn’t want a selfie with beautiful skin that has a sun kissed glow? In case you don’t know, the term “Green Beauty” refers to products made without chemicals, using natural ingredients that have the same effect, if not better, for your face, body and hair. Fashion Humber takes a look at green beauty products available at a Toronto based shop. The Detox Market is a retail store

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The Profile Show

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Merchandise Trade Show The Profile Show was held from March 5th to 8th 2017 at the Toronto Congress Center. The Profile Show happens in early March and September each year to let buyers purchase spring/summer and fall/winter merchandise. Booths are assembled throughout the Congress Center and buyers walk between booths, looking through racks and deciding what works best for their store. After getting my nametag and walking through security, the first thing I saw were mannequins with outfits from different vendors. I walked my way past vendors such as Steve Madden and different jewelry booths, towards the end of the

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