Prof. Julie Savile talks Lineapelle 2017 – Part 2

Julie Savile, Milan, Fashion Humber, Linapelle 2017, leather trade fairs

This is the second part of the coverage of Professor Julie Savile experience in Milan, be sure to take a look at Part 1 of her trip to the Lineapelle Tradeshow in Milan. “You go, to go to the show and it is an industrial show so you can meet all of your suppliers. Basically we are not selling, we’re buying at the show” Says Professor Julie Savile, from Fashion Humber. She attended the trade show Lineapelle 2017 in Milan and shared with us her insider story of the trip. “This show included everything to do with leather and mostly it

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FASHION Humber Website Launch

Fashion Humber website launch, fashion students toronto

FASHION Humber is here! It is your one stop destination for the most recent fashion updates of everything that’s happening @FASHIONHumber. In addition to Humber fashion events, this website will also shed light on the latest industry trends and happenings. Today the term fashion has no limits – it is all pervasive, so we want everyone to stay connected and get informed about the current updates in global fashion. As this website is a team effort by the students of Fashion Management and Promotions, we held a soft launch party after class on Monday March 6th (two days before the

An online media presence dedicated to sharing, engaging, and experiencing the business side of fashion.


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