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Alumni Spotlight: Olivia Crane

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After sitting down with Moira and Alfie, the next alumni being interviewed is Olivia Crane. Since graduating in 2016, she’s currently working as an Editorial Intern at the well-known fashion blog Some of her daily tasks at this position include transcribing interviews, reaching out to brands for product samples, minor editing for web content, and managing the staff calendar. FASHION HUMBER: Why did you choose to study Fashion Management and Promotions at Humber? Olivia Crane: To be honest, I just needed something to do after University, I have always been interested in fashion and just applied on a whim.


Fashion Humber – Alumni Spotlight: Alfie Nguyen

Alfie Nguyen, Humber Alumni, Fashion Humber., Toronto Designer

For the second article in the Alumni Spotlight Series (see our first Alumni Profile here) we are chatting with Alfie Nguyen, runway fashion photographer, who began his journey at Humber’s Fashion Management and Promotions postgraduate program to become a successful photographer. Fashion Humber: Why did you choose to study Fashion Management and promotion at Humber? Alfie Nguyen – I was very passionate about fashion, this program proved to be helpful to understand the fashion industry. Through this program I learnt to build my network and it provided me all the necessary resources to establish my business.


Fashion Humber Alumni Spotlight: Moira Heaney

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Ever wonder what your fellow Humber Fashion students are up to after they graduate? In this series we’ll get to know a few Fashion Management and Promotions alumni, and learn more about how their time at Humber kick started their career! Our first alum is Moira Heaney, who graduated in 2016. She currently works as a Detox Market Ambassador at The Detox Market, a retailer that has been pioneering the green beauty industry since 2010. Some of her responsibilities in this role include assisting with marketing events, connecting with current brands, researching new brands and working on the online store

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