Classroom Live Chat with Industry Expert Jamil El Hajj

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Do you ever wonder why studying Fashion Management and Promotions at Humber is a great experience?  There are tons of reasons behind it, but the most interesting one is that our classroom sessions are full of excitement. Live chats with industry experts are my personal favorite.  Just the other day, we had a thought provoking conversation with Jamil El Hajj (Assistant General Manager at Hugo Boss). In this session Jamil gave us few important tips regarding careers in the fashion retail industry. Jamil studied Law in Lebanon, then in 2013, he moved to Canada and enrolled in Fashion Marketing and

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Fashion Humber – Alumni Spotlight: Alfie Nguyen

Alfie Nguyen, Humber Alumni, Fashion Humber., Toronto Designer

For the second article in the Alumni Spotlight Series (see our first Alumni Profile here) we are chatting with Alfie Nguyen, runway fashion photographer, who began his journey at Humber’s Fashion Management and Promotions postgraduate program to become a successful photographer. Fashion Humber: Why did you choose to study Fashion Management and promotion at Humber? Alfie Nguyen – I was very passionate about fashion, this program proved to be helpful to understand the fashion industry. Through this program I learnt to build my network and it provided me all the necessary resources to establish my business.

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